Agave Plant
The Agave plant is primarily found in Mexico though it does grow in the southern and western United States and parts of South America. The leaves of the agave sprout directly from the root or so it may seem from its very short stem. The fleshy leaves end in a point and are arranged to form a rose shape. The plant will grow slowly to flower once, then die, though the plant will generate small plants afterwards.


  • Water usage: Low
  • Light: Shade to Full Sun
  • Other: Slow grower
  • Manliness: almost fully edible and can be used to make nails


  • Each plant will produce pounds of edible flowers each summer, though all major parts of the plant are edible.
  • Agave nectar is becoming a popular substitue for sugar.
  • When the flower stalks die, they can be dried to make didjeridoos, a primitive African woodwind instrument.
  • Leaf tea is used as a diuretic and can also be used to treat constipation and gas.
  • The aguamiel is the main ingredient in the popular Snapple beveral Rain.
  • Mexican natives use this plant to make pens, needles, and nails.

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