Bonsai Tree

bonsai tree
House plants don't get much manlier or majestic than the Bonsai Tree. Actually, Bonsai is not a tree at all, but a method of growing. Bonsai, a Japanese art, is growing trees in containers. There are many techniques involved in growing bonsai trees successfully such as root reduction, pruning, and leaf removal. There are many types of trees that grow well as a bonsai tree, but the Giant California Redwood, the Dwarf Jade Plant, and the Mexican Weeping Willow are a few of my favorites.


  • Water usage: Depends, though mostly low to medium
  • Light: Most grow well with indirect light indoors.
  • Other: Growing bonsai trees from tiny seeds is very fulfilling
  • Manliness: Majestic trees that fit in the palm of your hand. Trees and man have gone hand in hand for centuries, so why not hold one in yours. You also can buy your own set of tools for bonsai care. Come on guys, a toolset for tree growing? How much manlier can you get. You also germinate the seeds by putting them in a tupperware container and putting on top your water heater.


  • Oriental themed decor

Buy seeds to grow your own (In 4 weeks you can have little Giant Redwood Sequoia trees in your home.