Cane Plant

The cane plant or corn plant is native to Western Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. The plant has broad, shiny green leaves with a yellow stripe down the center. The cane plant is considered a pole shrub because the bunches of leaves are connected to what looks like a pole/cane. As a houseplant the plant will be cut down to size and the end will be capped to prevent growth.


  • Water usage: Low
  • Light: Shade to Full Sun. Best in 50% shade and 50% light.
  • Other: Good indoors and out. Overwatering causes the leaves to turn brown and droop. Sensitive to flouride found in city water supplies.
  • Manliness: The deep shiny green and yellow leaves make a bold appearance shooting off the cane. I recommend this plant as the perfect office plant for men.


  • Perfect house or office plant.